Hanging Indent for Paragraphs

I want to change the paragraph style one a specific blog posts to hanging. I have made custom ccs (I think)
.interview p { text-indent: -10em; }

but this doesn’t seem to matter. I tried changing both the ID and the Class field to “interview” in the style entry of the text-editor in BB to no avail. What am I missing? I’m sure it’s obvious (and I did search this site first for answers, but I must not be using the correct search criteria)


Without a link its going to be difficult to help. However, have you added the class of interview to the actual p tag like so:

<p class="interview">....</p>

If you have, then the CSS you’re using won’t work and instead you can use:

p.interview {
  text-indent: -20px;

If this doesn’t work, then we’ll need a link to the page.

The problem is that the drop down box in the beaver builder editor doesn’t have p as an option. It only has https://ibb.co/1r7vB50

I changed the CSS to p.interview, but I don’t know where in the editor to update it?

The site is oathbreakermtg.org and the post in question is one that is currently in editing and not published. Is there a way I can let you preview it?

Ah ok. So judging from your screenshot, the paragraph you want to indent is being added to Text module and all the text in that module is what you want to indent?

Yes! That’s what I meant to say. I’ll learn the lingo soon.

I’m trying to make the paragraphs in this one article hanging indent (interview format)

Ok so what you’ll want to do is this:

  1. Open that Text module settings and go to the Advanced Tab.

  2. Then scroll to the bottom and you should see an option called "Class"

  3. In that option add “interview” (without quotes) and save.

  4. Then add the CSS below and this should indent the paragraph.

.fl-module-rich-text.interview p {
  text-indent: -20px;

If that doesn’t, can you publish the post and provide a link.

You are my hero. Thanks !