Have a BB theme built for me, license has expired, built by someone else

Hello…a customer of mine had a company build his website and they used Beaver Builder. Everything has expired and can’t be updated, they don’t have/won’t give the license information. The php is outdated and if I update it, the theme breaks. If I buy and install BB, is it possible to get the theme updated? or do I still need their license code?

Is it the BB theme?

If so, if you purchased the Pro Package, that would give you a license key that would work on the BB plugin and the theme. You you can use your key then on any sites that you currently are working on. If the relationship ends between you and a customer/client, then per our terms, you should remove your license key from those sites.

yes, BB theme. This is the only website I work on that has BB. The customer still pays them yearly to use the site, but they won’t do any updating. So I was hoping if I purchased BB, he could keep the same look, and I could keep updating it.