Have a few ?s

#1 I had started building a site for a customer using the standard version then i upgraded to pro.
I have a lot of page layout templates saved with in his site.
Will i louse all this if i change the site over to the Pro version plugin?

#2 I have created a lot of page templates all in a off line working area.
Is their some way to save out a custom version so i can pick just the ones i want to use on someones site and export just them for me to import in to use on a new site?
If not maybe for a update add check boxs to each one to export. Would also be great to have a rename feature for each template next edit and delete in the template area.

#3 the white labeling upgrade how dose this work if i upgrade to that at some point would i have to pay that high amount each year for update to be able to keep getting BB and white label updates or just pay for a BB update?

So far i am very happy with what i have been creating with BB hope to get a lot of it live by the end of the month. The themes just seems to be the same theme for the most part with different colors and boxed or wide i was hoping for a little more on that for the price i can not get any of then to work as i would like as they are.

Also i have DL the PSD files a few times now and they do not work can you please send me a working version

Hi Edward,

Re. #1, no, your page layout templates would remain without issue.

Re. #2, you are probably already aware that you can export your page templates, but exporting specific ones isn’t possible. The export would contain all of your templates if toggling that option during export. Importing is similar in that all templates in the export would be imported. Once you import the templates, you could always delete the ones you wouldn’t want available. Thanks for the renaming suggestion, that is something we’ll take into consideration!

Re. #3, in order to keep specific features of whichever package as well as support/updates, you would need to renew at the membership price of whichever package works best for you.

I’ll email you directly on the PSD zip, we’re aware of an issue there and are troubleshooting what may be going on.