Having trouble with Custom Post Type

Hello Beaver Builder,
URL: http://conference.yokid.org/speakers/
Using Genesis

Since I’m not facile with creating custom templates from scratch, I thought I would try your product to create a simple grid presentation, and I was pleased to see how easy it was - bravo.

However, the content on this page is pulling from the News category of my Posts. I have a custom post type called “Speakers”. When I go into BBSettings and unselect Posts and select Speakers, no content appears. I see the “NOTE: Not all custom post types may be supported.” Is there something I can tweak to my custom post type to make it play nice with BB? The custom post type is created in the functions.php, and not with a plugin.

How should I troubleshoot this?
Thank you -

Hey Danna,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Can you share temp admin access to your site so we can check? You can post the details here using the private reply option below.


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Hi Danna,

I logged into your site and I noticed that you disabled Pages and Posts on the Post Type Settings under WordPress Admin Dashboard > Settings > Page Builder > Post Types.

I checked those options, saved the changed and then visited the page via the Page Builder. I then clicked on the Post Module settings and configured the Post Type option from Posts to Speakers.

Your content now appears to be displaying correctly. Can you double check this for us and let us know if the issue is now resolved? :smiley:


Excellent - thank you! and now I’m beginning to grasp how BB works. (promise that I looked at the documentation before I wrote you; just having trouble wrapping my head around it).

I’ve formatted the page a bit and have a couple of last questions…
I see the option for removing the post meta data including date and author, and turning the content on or off. Is there and option for display an except, or displaying a content limit?

And if the custom post type of speakers has its own post meta data fields, can those be added? No worries if not… just trying to understand the capabilities.


Thanks again. So far I’m very pleased with BB.

Hi Danna,

  1. If you use the Feed option in the Post module and then scroll down to the Content options, you should be able to select Excerpt for Full text.


  1. Unfortunately, custom fields will not be displayed. However, you could create a custom module to display the data.