Having trouble with Page scroll to id and sticky menu ( or Anything!) on scroll

Goood morning gents, (time for a lady on the support team then I can greet her to…Need some eye candy Sorry none of you are oil paintings but it may b subjective observation)

I am a Genesis, DWB and beaver fan using the Page scroll to id and sticky menu ( or Anything!) on scroll plugins . Using that combination on site www.hiyer.org successfully except when in mobile mode.

There are two section where i used a row and use a different row view for mobile (beaver). The two sections are The cool factor and The team.

When in mobile the scroll does not work and I assume it has to do with the two row views I had to create in beaver for responsive viewing. I have given the same ID tag to both views in beaver.

Yet the navbar scroll does not work in mobile view.
My problem is I don’t know if this is an Genesis DWB, beaver or plugin issue but as it relates to beaver rows is assume it has something to do with the ID tags in the "cool factor and “the team”
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I do hope you will be able to assist me.

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Hi Herman,

I believe this is related to the Responsive Layout display options. What these options do is basically use CSS to hide those rows on specific widths. However, the rows remain in your page source which is what I believe is the issue.

The only way I can think of getting around this is to use different ID’s for each row. For example, have the desktop view row have an id of coolfactor and the mobile row coolfactor2.

Then you will need to use some custom code and replace the menu for mobile devices. You can do this by following the instructions on this post - http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/156231/how-to-stop-mobile-theme-inheriting-desktop-navigation-menu/156494#156494

Hope this helps.

HI Danny Thx for your answer. Getting a bit to tech at this stage for me. Will see if i get somebody to assist with that bit.I understand concepts but the rest is bit over my head,