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I inherited a site from another dev and I’m new to Beaver Builder. Having trouble with my header covering up the blog page I setup. I set the blog up as it’s own page. I’m at a loss on how to make the blog respect the header margin.

I appreciate any help!

It looks like the site is using Beaver Theme Builder, as well as Beaver Builder. That’s good! There are settings for the header, one of which is Overlay. In the admin dashboard left navigation column, go to Beaver Builder > Themer Layouts. Find the layout for the header and click Edit. In Themer Layout Settings, look for Overlay and set that to “No.” That should solve the issue you’re having.

Here’s a support article on the different header options in BB. Header layout type | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base

Thank you so much. That worked but my client was hoping to keep the overlay and instead push the start of the blog past the header. Is that possible?

I tried adding a rule to exclude a page and specified the blog page. Didn’t seem to have any impact.

I got it closer by flipping the rules and only allowing on all pages except UpComing events but now the theme of the header is lost. Is there a way to add a rule to apply the theme but set Overlay to no for a single page?

Hi, there are lots of videos about Beaver Builder. Here’s one about custom headers that should be of use. Beaver Themer Tutorial - Create Custom WordPress Headers & Theme Parts - YouTube

Great video @craiger522 ! That helped me connect the dots. For the benefit of others, I used the BB tools to copy my header theme then used the rules above to direct my blog page to a theme where overlay was off and the rest of the pages to a theme where the overlay was one.

thanks again!

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