Header disappears after upgrade

Hi there,
I’ve upgraded to the new plugin, on a site built on BB theme. After upgrade my header has disappeared. It had a bit of custom coding to make it display correctly on smart phones - which I got from the forum but didn’t save - so I don’t want to just build the header again. How can I reinstate it?

Problem shows in all browser versions.

I’ll add other details in private reply.


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Hey Sandra,

Great job on your website. It looks awesome. I’ve just checked your Website and the header seems to be displaying correctly. Am I missing something? :slight_smile:



Hey KC - thanks. I realise I’ve left out some info! The header should be a graphic, with the menu underneath in a coloured bar. All that shows is the menu in two rows, and the site title in text.

Hey Sandra,

I might have fixed your issue. Upon checking your Website, I realized that you have deactivated your Child Theme. :slight_smile: Its okay, I’ve activated back for you and I’m able to see the header now. Its fantastic :slight_smile: Let me know if you need anything else.



Hey Kc - that’s awesome! Thankyou :slight_smile: I checked all kinds of things, not the child theme. D’oh!

It’s all BB - theme and plugin. The fastest easiest way to build a great site, best tool ever!

Thanks for help :slight_smile:


Your Welcome Sandy. Have a nice day and enjoy BB :slight_smile: