Header Fixes Needed - After Applying Smooth Scrolling Ids

hi guys, here’s a screenshot of how the header looked before;
and it maintained while the site was scrolled.

after i changed the menu with custom smooth scrolling links, it looks like this:
http://brandaroo.wpengine.com/ (demo / e6e137)
and doesn’t scroll with the page.

Can you guys help please? thank you for your help.

Hey EngineeringRFQ,

Did you change the header layout? I’m pretty sure we gave the code below on your previous thread, but the layout must have been changed since. Removing it now should fix it.

View post on imgur.com


thanks Ben you guys are the best, that fixed it.

I hadn’t changed any layout, only added some custom simple scroll links to the header menu.

anyway thanks again, as always, for all your guys’ help!

If no changes were made, I’d suggest checking the site in general, as removing that piece of CSS may have broken something. :slight_smile: