Header& footer broken on all sites

I have recently found that my header and footer is broken on all sites. CSS appears to fail to align menus, BG images etc. Is there a fix for this. NO other changes have been made to sites. Example: https://georginastevens.org/

IT appears that themer has updated to V.1.46 but beaver builder pro has not updated. Can I roll themer back and keep settings to make this compatible?

Both UABB and Powerepack had issues with Themer 1.4.6 and above, they have both released updates fixing their issues.

Can I delete themer plugin and upload older version and keep settings to carry me through for the moment?

Why not just update UABB?

I just can’t afford the licence fee right now, :frowning: so Can I delete the old themer plugin and upload an old version and keep the settings?

Well I guess so, but you will be locked into that version forever, Also your BB version is years out of date!