Header Layout (Logo right, Navigation left)

Hey guys,

Actually it only exist 3 ways to style the Navigation. Right, Bottom and Center. But I want the Navigation left and the logo right. Can you please give me some advice how to fix this?


Hi Stefan. Thanks for reaching out with your question!

How comfortable are you with working in PHP files? You would need to write some custom code in a child theme to accomplish this look.

This would make a great feature for our user voice page, too! If you have a second, would you mind adding it in there?

Let me know how you feel about editing code files, if you’re comfortable I’d be happy to show you how to do this! Thanks, Stefan!


Hey Robby,

thank you for our quick response. It would be cool if you can hep me out this time. What code should I write in my child theme? :wink: I sure can fix the header and swap the position of logo and navigation, but when it comes to reponsive layout (in this case) I really have problems.


Hey Stefan, I spent some time playing around with this yesterday, and it is going to be a bit more involved than just modifying the child theme. I am sorry for being overly-ambitious about this. You’re right that things start getting really squirrelly on mobile views.

Have you considered using a different theme that supports a right nav out of the box? This is definitely something we’ll consider as a feature, but I can’t give any estimate of how long it will take to implement. After experimenting, I would probably recommend trying to find a native theme that does this versus trying to hack the Beaver Builder theme into displaying a right nav. Sorry about that.

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Stefan, thanks for the kind words! I will take another stab at this for you over the weekend. It’s just going to take some time to implement a left nav layout and make sure it performs well on mobile.

In the meantime, you could maybe experiment with Genesis? I honestly have been using the BB theme on all my projects recently, so I am a bit out of the look on other themes.

We’ll do our best to implement some new header layout options soon! Thanks for understanding.