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Can I get the CSS code to move the postion of the LOGO. I am using BB theme and really liking it.




Hey Sherry,

Can you elaborate more on what you’re trying to do, i.e., are you trying to move it sideways or completely transfer it from the header, etc.? Also, can you share the URL of the site in question so we can take a look?




Trying to move it sideways or maybe bring it in the center of the menu.


Hey Sherry,

Bringing it to the center of the menu will require a lot of CSS work/hack as it’s not designed that way. It would be easier if you were to modify the theme files. Try using the CSS snippet below to move it to the right. This will only apply to large devices.

@media (min-width: 992px) {
  .fl-page-header-logo img {
    margin-left: 10px;



Perfect. This works great. Thanks Ben


No worries! Enjoy!



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Hey Aaron,

Can you share the URL of the page in question so we can check?



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Hi Aaron,

Unfortunately, we’re not able to see your site due to the Under Construction page. Can you provide temp admin access, please? So we can take a closer look.



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Hey Aaron,

That would be correct! Just create an admin account using a dummy email, and just post the username and password here via a private reply.


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