Header menu by scroll background color change

At the moment I have a backgroaundpicture in the header. I’d like that the menu (sticky menu) when I scroll down doesn’t take the backgroaundpicture from the header, instead I’d like that the menu background is just white. I hope you can help me, thanks.

also i would like that the header backgroundpicture is in parallax style, is there an easy way to do that?

Hi Silvan,

I apologise, but I am not quite sure what you’re referring to. Do you mean that when you scroll and your header is fixed, you want to have the background color (white) replaced with the background image you have on your non-stick header?

In regards to the header having the parallax effect, this isn’t possible out-the-box and would likely require extensive CSS code. You could read this article and try and implement it, but I am not sure if it will work or not - http://keithclark.co.uk/articles/pure-css-parallax-websites/