Header, Sidebar & Footer Design

At this point, what would be he best approach to design a master header and footer? Now that we have global elements/rows/modules (and menu module) the idea of becoming completely independent from “Themes” seems more feasible.

I would love to be able to design page templates for interior pages, blog and custom post types the same way I design the actual content. Manipulating the footer, sidebar and header from the customizer seems very inflexible and forces you to use themes that have the setup you need, Am I right ?

Also the global information (like email, social accounts, etc) should be available via the content modules, not just the current header and footer. For example, if I drop an “Icon Group” inside any page, it’d be cool to be able to select an option that it simply reflects those master settings.

Hi Carlos,
I like where you are going with this :slight_smile:
“Beaver Builder the ‘No Theme WordPress solution!’” My new BB slogan you are free to use :slight_smile:

I’d have to agree which the social icons bit – a widget that grabs the info from the customizer would be nice. What I’ve been doing is using a custom shortcode to display the social icons, though I had to remake the function because by default it echos the info instead of returning it (which would display the content in a different spot).

If you wanted to take it a step further you could create a custom module that uses the info from the customizer, and updates it if needed using a hook.

Hey guys,

This would make a great feature request on our User Voice Forums! :slight_smile: