Heading with a background color?

Is there any way to make just a heading with a background color? The closest I can get is to make a full-width button with a link to ‘#’ but I don’t want that because then the mouse changes on hover.

I know I can add a background to a header with CSS, but in this case, the client needs to control this color on a page by page basis using BB. Any way to do this with a module?

Hey Gretchen,

One way to achieve this is to create premade classes with background colors, e.g., red-bg, blue-bg, black-bg, then assign the background colors via CSS. You can then add the respective class into the Heading Module and get the background color added. Your client should be able to control the color of the heading page by page this way.

Hope this makes sense!


It does make sense, but in this case, we aren’t going to know what the page colors will be until they create the page. So I’d end up making custom classes every time they wanted a new page.

I can setup a different style as a workaround for now. It would be nice if we could have options on the heading module to add a background and then set it to full width (like the buttons). Consider this my feature request. :wink:

Hey Gretchen,

Indeed. Worst case scenario you might end up creating classes for each hue!

You can head over to the User Voice Forums and add that real quick. The team likes to go there from time to time to look for new ideas to implement. :slight_smile:


Will do - thanks.