Headless WordPress

Does Beaver Builder have any plans to enable support for headless WordPress solutions like Gatsby or NextJS?

This would massively increase the speed of the website.

Do you have any working examples of this? I tested nextjs and couldnt even get it to talk to wordpress, looks like the graphql plugin changed its format at blew up the nextjs api to fetch pages.

No I don’t.

I am not sure if WordPress page builders work with Gatsby/NextJS.

Thats not how it works, you have a WP site that you install the builder and the graphql plugin, then the nextjs install looks at the WP site to get the posts content etc, but I couldnt get any of it to work, I think the graphql plugin changed the way the data is laid out and nextjs has not been updated to use the new layout so its all broken.

I see. Would it work with Gatsby?

I dont know, I have not tried it and dont know anyone that has either.