Height Problems with Content Slider


I’m using the Content Slider on a website - and there are a lot of features which are great to customize each slide, but we keep running into a problem with the height sizing. When you have multiple slides, its hard to keep the height consistent from slide to slide since there is only control for the min-height, but nothing to limit the height, so without cropping the images exactly it hard to make a clean consistent look…unless I’m missing something. And then what ends up posting doesn’t display properly, see the 3rd slide. I made a test page here, http://www.jcrcboston.org/slider-test/ you can use the password beaver to view it.

I am I missing something interms of the specifics or controls for the content slider?

Thank you!

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for getting in touch! Actually, images will all be the same height per the height setting. However, if the content within the slide is longer than that specified height, the slide will expand to accommodate that text. I believe that is what is happening in that example so I would just suggest increasing the height a bit so all slides are consistent or lessen the amount of content in that one slide. Let me know how that goes for you!


Hey all - this is the same problem I’m having with the testimonials slider I built on the homepage of this site - http://cd-fishing.us

The testimonials are almost impossible to size precisely and it makes the entire bottom part of the site shift up and down when they rotate. Is there any other workaround for this that has been discovered since this post?

I’m almost getting ready to scrap this one and go to a different slider that won’t resize like this… Any ideas how to stop the resizing?


Hey Sara,

Check out this thread for some CSS on the testimonials slider. Hope that helps!



Thanks. Neither of those tricks worked but this bit of code did… :slight_smile:

.bx-wrapper {
height: 500px !important;


Excellent, great work!