Help!! BB pages go blank when set to be the front page!


My BB pages are working just fine, great product!

However, when I set any of them to be the site’s home page, the entire customization disappears. When I change them from being the home page (front page) to a normal page, the BB content shows up again!

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Create a page using Beaver Page Builder. Publish and view page. Looks great.

  2. Go to Settings | Reading, select to use that page as the Front Page. Go to website home page on browser. Only the header shows, no content. All Page Builder items dissapear.

  3. Go to Settings | Reading and unselect that page as Front Page. View page on browser. Content is back, looks great.

  4. Try the same above with any other page, same behaviour.

How can I solve this, it is quite urgent as I have had to take my site offline since this cropped up last minute and I cannot really roll back.



Hello David,

Sorry to hear about your problem. This could be caused by a plugin/theme conflict. Do you recall adding any plugin or functions to your site recently? What you can try is disable all plugins except BB and see if the same problem is happening. If it fixes it, try reactivating the plugin one by one until you find the plugin causing the issue. You can also switch to the twentyX theme and see if you get the same issue. Also, try clearing out the BB cache as well. If you’re still having the same problem after doing all, please let us know.