[Help] Beaver Builder Image Grid sized HUGE

For a month, or a bit more, I’ve had a problem with Beaver Builder Editor.
In my image grid, in the editor, the images are so big that I cannot even find the button to edit the images. The images are also linked to subcategories on my website, to different design studios. I sometimes switch which studios I work with, but this problem is putting poles in my spokes.

I am including an image depicting the problem. I would very much love to get rid of this issue, and that is why I’ve turned to you professionals. Kind regards.

Even if I were to “solve” it temporarily by clicking the image, it creates a space in the grid on the website which I cannot get rid of.
Ugly empty space on grid

Its hard to know from a screenshot. Who makes the “Image Grid” module have you contacted them?

I believe it’s Mr. Beaver’s own image grid. I’m using the beaver builder.

Beaver Builder does not have an Image Grid module. So its most likely custom or from a 3rd party.

You can always contact support if you need help.

You are using Beaver Builder Addons by WPZOOM

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