Help!! I forgot to save as a child theme!!

Stupidly, I cliked on Beaver Builder Child Theme and then went to the page and found out that I have lost my customised child theme. I never saved my customised as a child theme, it was just a template. I thought I wouldn’t have any problem because I had made a duplicator plug-in back-up. But now my child theme is nowhere to be seen. Is there any way to rescue all the work I have done on the last ten days??? Thanks!

I apologize for all the fuss. I think that something weird may had happen:
when entering the page builder, the pages refreshed and everything went
back to normal. I have no clue about what happened. On the other hand, I
still have a doubt: I am working my page on local and building it from a
blank beaver child theme. Do I need to save my project as an another child
theme, with a different name?

Hey Melissa,

Thanks for getting in touch! Child themes are only used when you want to modify theme codes/files. You can read more information about it on the link below.

If you want to make a backup of your site, the Duplicator plugin should be able to handle it. Having a blank child theme is fine. :slight_smile: