Help Me Recreate This Element?

Hello! I am creating a page for an author on which I want to display his books. I want to do something as close to what Michael Hyatt has on his page ( In particular, I want to do what he has done with his hardcover (not ebook) book, Platform. You can see it on that page.

Here is a screenshot of exactly what I want to accomplish.

Can anyone help me get a handle on what this would take? It’s just a box, an image, a heading, some text, and an image/button link to Amazon. Unfortunately, this isn’t my regular job and I’ve been away from web stuff for too long now and I’m a bit lost.



Hi Daniel,

If you drag and drop the Callout module to your page and then configure the module. You should be abel to recreate a very similar layout using that one module.

Once you have the basic layout, we can assist you further with the styling.


Thanks so much! I will work on that as soon as I can and get back to you. Just spoke with the author and he actually had to have links to three different book stores under the image and description (contractual stuff). Amazon, B&N, and Christian Book Distributors (CBD). Hopefully that won’t be much of an issue when the time comes.

Thanks again!

Hi Dan,
I noticed the links to external sites (e.g. Amazon) leave his site - I don’t think this is a good idea - I would always open a new tab page when linking to another site.
In the link-target change it to ‘New Window’
HTH, Dave

You are correct, Dave. I, too, prefer to have such links open in a new tab. I’ve already got that set up on the project I’m working on. Good catch, though!

Danny (and anyone else), I am working on it all but I will be back sooner or later. I am already having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to place purchase links for three stores both side by side in one instance (a featured product), and on top of each other for the rest of the books.

Of course, now I need to find someone to do some simple custom graphic work for me now, as I found a button style I really like, but only for two of the three book stores I need! :slight_smile:

Fun times. Stay tuned!

I wanted to wrap up this thread, so…

I managed to get the CallOuts working well enough. I went with text links as opposed to image links, as they were more easily placed side by side and they look good enough. Now I’m off to work on the rest of the site. I’m sure I will be back sooner or later for more help.

As always, thanks!


Hi Dan,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thank you for informing us, we appreciate it.