Help - need to put border around Text boxes (text editor)

hello! when i created a row, i added the “text editor” element. i want the text editor (text box) to have a blue border around it, not the row. how do I only control the border for the text editor?

not looking to add CSS - I’ve been reading other questions on this site with this feature requested. has it been looked into yet?

Hi Olivia,

You can add a border to the column that contains the text module by accessing the column settings for that text module. ( The 3 horizontal bars in the edit tools)

Hello! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Sadly - still not working.

I can only access the Column Settings on the Text Editor module itself. No bars. I go to create a solid color border, click Save, then nothing. No border.

Disregard last.
Of course I have to give it a Width and it doesn’t auto-populate a width of 1.

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