Help: Text Module Formatting Changes if Full-width vs Sidebar

Hi Beaver Builder Community,

Has anyone faced the following issue?

Basic text formatting on a full-width page gets corrupted when that same text module is placed on a sidebar page. This seems to keep happening to me, with links, italics, and underlines all changing the size of the formatted text (in relationship to all the surrounding text).

Here are 2 example pages with the same 10 digits stacked together.

The full-width version looks fine. All the text is the same size - whether it’s normal, linked, bloated, underlined, or italicized.

The sidebar version is off. Only normal and bold are correct. Everything else is enlarged.

Does anyone know what might be causing that? My devs have no idea - and I’m truly strumped.

Cheers everyone

Resolved via support ticket. Caused by custom CSS.

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