Hi Guys! A Couple of Pre-Sale Questions

I’m listening to the podcast from Kim Doyle, downloaded and played with the Lite version on one of my test sites. WOW! I create my own themes and it worked great. I’m moving into a new niche audience and will only be selling pre-made themes as I’m getting out of hosting client sites.

I love that this is a plugin and not a framework. My clients manage their own content. I’ve tried a couple of different frameworks on client sites and what is supposed to be even the simplest framework is confusing for a client who new to WP and trying to navigate their way through.

Anyway… I did see that you can create and export themes created with Beaver Builder that can be used on other sites. (not with the Lite version, obviously) Would this work, then, to be able to create pre-made themes with Beaver Beaver? Is the export done from within WP and exported as a zip file?

If so, I’m guessing my best option would be the agency plan so that I can white-label the plugin and include it with my pre-mades so the client can make changes if they wish? Would that be correct?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hey Patty,

Thanks so much for getting in touch and thanks! Re. the pre-made templates, those refer to page layouts that you create with BB. They are strictly content area based as your theme would control the header/footer, but yes, you can certainly create as many page templates of your own as you like and export/import freely on any site running a premium version of BB! It is done using the native WordPress import/export functionality and you’ll get an option to export only the page templates so that you can use the xml file however you like.

The Agency is your best bet if you are after white labeling, but all of the premium versions contain the page template import/export functionality.

Thanks again, Patty!


Hey Billy,

Thanks so much for the clarification! That makes sense. It doesn’t change the structure of the theme itself, just the page content layout running the plugin. Got it!

Thanks again!

My pleasure, Patty, thanks for getting in touch!