Hide Beaver Builder button on admin bar if not a BB page

Is there a way to hide the Beaver Builder button on the admin bar when it is not a Beaver Builder page? It is very confusing to my client when to click on Edit Page vs Beaver Builder. The little green dot is too small and she cannot discern when the dot is green.

Another option is to change the green dot to another color or make it bigger.

Any ideas?


You can use some css as always.

.fl-builder-admin-bar-status-dot {
    color:red !important;
    font-size:25px !important;

If what @pross suggested isn’t sufficient, this should work. It will put a bright colored background on the BB text and icon when bb is active on the page.

body.fl-builder #wpadminbar .quicklinks #wp-admin-bar-fl-builder-frontend-edit-link {
    background: #e038e2;

If you want to hide the option when bb is not active…

body.fl-builder #wpadminbar .quicklinks #wp-admin-bar-fl-builder-frontend-edit-link {
    display: none;
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