Hide Post Title in Posts Module without using code

Morning Guys

Is there a way for me to stop the post title showing in the Posts Module without using code? I want to be able to do this as I can’t then use an H1 to say the same thing.

Many thanks


Hey John,

Sorry but that won’t be possible. Not really sure I get the reason why you’d want to remove it though, could you elaborate?


Hi Ben

I have created a series of posts which have been pulled together via the posts tool. My reason for wanting to hide the post title is that I cannot then use an H1 as it would repeat the post tile. Therefore I am missing out on an important SEO point.

The posts page is here

Cheers, John

the link didnt show http://www.brightonexecutiveairporttaxis.co.uk/airport-information/

Hey John,

Try out this CSS snippet. Is this what you are looking for by chance?

fl-post-feed-title {
    display: none;


I’m chiming in on this thread also… I too would like to be able to hide the page/post title. Often this is done in conjunction with Yoast SEO in order to have an SEO title for the page that the user doesn’t see (which is the page/post title), and then add a user friendly title within the content of the page in a block.

I would expect to see the option to hide page title in Customize > layout (or something like that). Is there no other way than through CSS to hide the title?

Hey Norm,

If you’re referring to the default page/post titles, you can hide this under Tools > Edit Global Settings when inside the page builder. Just set the Default Page Heading’s Show setting to No. You may need to clear the BB cache for it to work. Is that what you’re looking for by chance?


Hi Guys

Back on this topic again. I tried using Billy’s suggested CSS snippet in Dynamik. But no affect.

Any further ideas? It would be great to have this as an option in the page builder. It really is quite important for SEO as with the page title showing, one can’t use and H1 for good SEO purposes.

Hi John,

I apologise, but I am not following the issue here. Why do you want to hide the post title and replace it with a h1 tag when used on an archive page? There should only ever be one h1 tag used on a page at any given time.

Or have I misunderstood the issue?


Hi Danny

Probably not being clear myself. It’s not for an archive page, just a regular post. I want to use an H1 title in conjunction with the post title to maximise my SEO. I do this is on pages - both Genesis and Dynamik give the option to turn off Page titles, but not Post titles.

Cheers, John

Hey John,

Billy’s code above was for the Posts module, which was what you asked for before.

If your theme doesn’t have a setting for it, then your only option is to remove the code that’s calling it. You might need to get in touch with your theme’s author for that as we don’t have much experience with Genesis themes.

If hiding it via CSS works, we can go that route. Just share the URL of the page in question so we can take a look. :slight_smile: