Hiring a BB/WP Front-end Dev/Designer to Our Team

Hey team, we are looking for someone to add to our team here at OpenPotion & DoorGrow and thought I’d start with the cool people here at BeaverBuilder since we primarily use it for all our sites.

If you are a freelancer that is tired of the feast and famine & would like to have some consistent work, or if you are tired of feeling lonely and want to be part of a team - we are a cool team of freelancers that work together “To Build Awesome Relationships & Incredibly Effective Websites”.

You would work closely with our graphic designer, writers, project manager, etc. We collaborate in Breeze.pm which is a mashup of Basecamp & Trello, slack for chat, and Google Hangouts for team meetings.

We are looking for someone to do consistently at LEAST few hours of work every weekday. We use really cool tools & technology, including:

Google Apps
Google Hangouts

We are looking for people that are great at CSS, keeping things looking beautiful, that are creative, that can do psd to WP, and also write well-formed english support emails. You need to be incredibly wordpress savvy. If you are SEO savvy, conversion rate optimization savvy, copywriting savvy, that could be beneficial as well, but not required.

We love people that love people and are good at customer service.

If US or Canada-based, we’d love for you to be able to call the client to collaborate in some instances.

We need people willing to work when we work, which is US-based hours. So north & south america tend to work best.

We could hire you through Upwork/odesk or pay you direct through Google Wallet/Xoom and track time in Hubstaff.

To learn more about us & me and what we are all about (our values) check this mindmap out: https://www.mindmeister.com/385145996?t=58VupQdhOd

If interested email [email protected] with your experience/examples of what makes you awesome & why you are a good fit.

Hey Jason! Good luck with the recruiting. Are you a member of the Beaver Builders Facebook group? You might try posting a link to this thread there. Lot’s of talent folks in that group…


I tried that… I think posting this to the group got me booted?

Oh no! The FB group was created (and is moderated) by one of our customers. I guess they don’t want to open the door for people posting job posts. Sorry about that.

Hey Jason - did you find anyone? We are also looking for a talented BeaverBuilder “builder”. Design strong and css capable.

Hi David! If you want, shoot me an email. We might be able to help put you in touch with a good candidate.

robby [at] fastlinemedia [dot] com