Home Page Goes Blank Daily

So, super weird issue, sounds like one from back in 2015 someone else had, but the resolution to that one was a plugin that doesn’t exist on our site. Basically, our home page goes blank every morning. I have two backups, with a full width section and a content section. All goes well, then the next morning I will check and both will have been stripped out causing a blank home page. It only happens to pages I designate as the ‘Home Page’. I can have a backup page, that is published even, and that one has no issues.

I fixed the page for now (will be blank tomorrow again most likely, but here are two links to see a working
page and a non-working one that I replaced (changed to a different ‘Home Page’)

Working backup: https://winkelman.com/home-test-2/

Home page that went blank today that I replaced (so still blank for now): https://winkelman.com/home-test/

Here is a screenshot of the issue:

Any ideas? I just recently inherited this site… part of the reason was due to this issue.
Thank you!

Could be the three layers of caching? Have you tried disabling any of them?

I have not, mostly because they aren’t new, and it just started happening within the last few weeks. But, I did disable cacheing of that page, so will see if that helps tomorrow.

Would the cacheing basically not show the new changes because it would just serve up a cached version of the home page the next day? I was exploring this path as something to do with the host, a host I am just getting familiar with, so was thinking maybe they were serving up a previous, cached version of the home page each day. But not sure. Thanks!

Well 1st line of debugging would be to disable them

Flywheel has its own caching then you are using a caching plugin then caching it all with cloudflare.

Alright, I disabled the two cacheing plugins… Jetpack looks like it was never set up, just installed, but deactivated it. WP Rocket I deactivated. Can’t do anything about Flywheels but will see if that resolves the issue.


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Ok, so, I disabled the cacheing plugins as noted in last post… now today, 16 days later, the page went blank again. Any ideas what could cause all the Beaver Builder stuff to just get deleted? Anything tied to users? Almost seems as if once the admin user account login is no longer “logged in” the following day everything is gone.


Well no, there is no code tied to users to remove anything.

I see you are still using cloudflare cache AND flywheel… have you tried turning that off?

How much stuff is on the home page? I know flywheel used to run a script to keep databases smaller by just deleting rows over a certain size, if its deleting the bb post meta for settings it might be the cause … but 16 day? I cant explain that.

ps, dont bother asking flywheel support about their database pruning script, they will deny it. The support farmers have no idea to be fair.

Its one image in a ‘full width section’ block followed by ‘content section’ with just a simple blog feed and a max of 10 posts - then a side bar was selected.

It just deleted again after rebuilding it since my last post so that would rule out the log in/out credentials thing. I will see what Flywheel says, I don’t believe I have any control over their caching or wether or not to use cloudflare in their system, but, I will find out. As noted, I inherited this whole setup.

Just super weird that things would just disappear like that.


cloudflare is nothing to do with flywheel…