Home page image over navigation

Hi there-

Please feel free to point me to another thread if this question is already answered.

Can you please let me know how to have a background image that encompasses the header as well? In other words, on the homepage I’d like the splash page image to start at the top of the screen and the navigation/logo overlay.

By way of example: http://affiliatewp.com/ (they use a solid color, but same concept).


Hey Justin,

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Are you using the BB theme? If you are, you can check the KB article we have just for that.

If you aren’t, you may need to add some custom styling to your theme to achieve it.


Hi Ben-

Thank you for the reply.

I am not using the BB theme. Currently using the Dynamik Genesis child theme. Based on your reply I assume this isn’t something controlled by BB.

If you happen to know of a direct knowledge base article that addresses this from their end then I’d appreciate it. No worries if not.

Hey Justin,

No worries! Unfortunately, I’m not really familiar with Genesis nor its child themes but I do know a lot of people in our community are. Try posting on the FB group. Hopefully, someone jumps in here and has a solution for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben. Pasting the Dynamik solution below for others looking to do something similar:


Hey Justin,

So cool of you to share that! I’ll keep this bookmarked in case someone else will be looking for it! Have fun! :slight_smile: