Home page not working, urgent!

Hi! Today I was going to edit something on the homepage and suddenly the whole page disappeared, I could not retrieve past versions either so I was trying to redesign it again but the Builder doesn’t work either, what can I do? It’s urgent!

Not much to go on there but if its urgent then open a ticket and provide info.

I’m seeing this same issue on many of my client sites…home page content and saved templates just gone.

It’s been happening over the last 6 months or so.

After updating WP (seems like around 6.0) seems to be the culprit.

I always save my homepage layouts as a template as a backup in case a client accidentally removes the page or does something to mess up the design/layout.

I have one site right now that i’m struggling to restore the home page because the content is there in text form, but the row/columns layout, styling, imagery are just gone. And the backup saved template is blank - no content saved.

For other sites, i was lucky to have either a staging copy or a downloaded version of the template i created that I could re-upload and restore the page layout.

I’ve tried restoring old revisions of this homepage, restoring a backup, clearing BB cache and site cache, nothing seems to bring it back.

My saved templates with no content:

Templates in database are emtpy.

What could be causing this?

Thanks in advance.

I very much doubt you have the same issue … You should open a ticket. Its most likely your host has moved your site to a new database server with different language/collation and if you had emojes or other non UTF8 characters the serialised data gets broken.