horizontal menu (expanded) in mobile device

How do I make a horizontal menu for a mobile device (cellphone)? BB menu options seem not to allow it. In a PC view all is well but when displayed on a cellphone the once horizontal menu becomes a vertical menu and takes up to much of the screen. If there is no easy solution is there a workaround. Please be detailed in your response.

Hey Roger,

Could you please share your Website URL with us so we could have a better look at your issue?



Thanks for your reply but the problem is easily stated. On a PC sized screen there is an option (using the BB child theme) to select a horizontal menu or three other choices of menu displays. There is no such choice (no horizontal) for a mobile device. How do I create a horizontal menu on a mobile device sized screen? Please give me a work around if need be. Please be detailed. Thanks.

Hi Roger,
I’m not 100% sure I’m with you, but the vertical menu only appears when you click the hamburger menu or the word menu! (depending on how you have it configured). So therefore does not take up any space. Perhaps you issue is deeper and there is a specific problem?

Let me state the problem another way. I want a horizontal menu consisting of 4 or 5 items that show that way on a cell phone. Right now as I shrink my PC browser screen width and watch the horizontal menu move to the left it eventually stacks up in a vertical fashion that takes up to much room on a small screen. I have the screen set to expanded (there is no horizontal choice) on the mobile choices for that menu. I do not want the hamburger choice as it expands vertically when I pick it taking up to much vertical space on the cellphone. I confirmed this on my android cellphone.

I am using a logo in the header (left side) with the horizontal menu on the right on my PC. The actions stated above happen when I shrink my screen width simulating a smaller screen. I tested it on my cell phone with identical results.
Thanks for your patience.


Hey Roger,

Do you mind sharing the URL of the site in question so we can take a look? You can post it using the private reply option below if needed.


I think I have the same question… posting on another thread:

I’ve already replied to that other topic, Jason. :slight_smile: