House for sale site

Built this the other day for a client. Super nice to sit down and design the site while she was describing what she wanted. After a few meetings we got it right. I passed it off to her and I love the ability to give her editor role, and she can do the post/page/media, and access beaver builder from the top bar. What a great tool. Build with Headway and BB. Headway can act like a super powered CSS tool, like microthemer or css hero.

Hey Tim,

Thanks for sharing, great work, and thanks for the kind words as well! :slight_smile: It’s always cool to hear real world stories like this involving BB. Thanks again, Tim!


Tim. Awesome! How were you able to get Headway and BB to work together? I’ve installed the BB plugin and Headway theme and nothing happens when I enter into pagebuilder mode. Thanks for any insight.

That is strange- I have used it on a few sites with HW and pagebuilder. I access pagebuilder on a page by page basis, and access through the top navigation bar. I am building another site and will let you know if I have issues. Are you using the latest versions?