Hover effect for text within module

I’ve been building with WordPress for quite some time but have just begun using Beaver Builder, my employer uses it on our organization website. I’m getting used to finding things, working with modules, but still have lots to learn.

The one thing I’m trying to do now is to apply a hover effect to text in a module. After a good while of searching, reading, and trying things, I really only found much on image hover effects, not so much on text.

I need the text to change color on hover, and I’m using the callout module in this case. Is it possible?

Wrap the text you want to change in a span and give it a class. Then add some css for your class.

I was hoping it was that easy. I did try this earlier today but failed, so the problem is definitely in what I implemented. :laughing:

I did check the knowledge base, is there something there that I missed that I could follow?

Its basic css.

<span class="foo">Hey im a foo!!</span>

.foo:hover { color: red; }

Well ok, I actually did implement correctly but apparently not in the right places. In the module, I have the text wrapped in the span and in advanced for the module, have the class as you show.

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