How can I change the sorting of CPT archive pages in themer

I’m doing a book list on an authors website using BB Theme, Themer and Pods.
I let the CPT archive for “Books” be controlled by themer.
I use a post module set to “Main/Primary query” to list the books dynamically based on the URLs for the various archive pages. It get the expected output whether I use the CPT’s general archive URL or some specific category archive page.

But I can’t control the sort order or the limit (records per page).

The limit seems to follow the default maximum number of blog posts that is set in WordPress core (Options → Reading). But the sorting is nowhere to be controlled. Am I missing something here?

I know this can be covered with some filtering snippet, but it would be nice to control this in themer or in the post module, when using the Main Query.

PS: I fould this feature request. But I can’t see that it has been implemented: Filter options for the main query (Post module)

As per the answers in the other thread, WordPress controls the main loop, to override that you will need to override the main loop with the usual pre_get_posts filter