How can i get the blog page to show the pop up photos

How can i get the blog page to show the pop up photos in the light box this has never worked on this site.

When you click on one it takes you to a image page with that one image on it. The light box is turned on but not working.


Hi Edward,

If you wish to have those images open upon click in a lightbox, you will want to either remove the images and use the Photo module to re-add them or use a third party plugin.


How do i edit each blog post then when i try i do not see the post text or images unless i edit it from the wordpress post area and in their i can not use a photo module as it is not in BB.?

On this site i am not even getting a click image they will not even open?

Ok here i made this top post with BB and now the images have no spacing and they still do not pop up they are all using the photo mod.

Every time i ad in a link it dose not show up here

The website is

Ok i see i need to turn on the lightbox on every image one at a time any way to make this be on all the time. why are links not working here in the support area?

So i added ina a gallery and on the main page for it here

It shows it but on the main blog page i need it to show on it is not showing the images.

Hey Edward,

The reason it’s not showing on the Posts module is because the module only shows a stripped down version of your Post and that is by design, same with how the Blog page by WordPress works. It’s only meant to attract the users to visit the Post, not show the Post itself.

Hope this makes sense.


No it dose not make sense i have been running WP sites for over ten years all with the images showing for each post on the blog page for photography websites i do not know of any photography WP site that hides the photos this defeats the reason for adding in the photos to the post to show them in the blog.

Is their a BB work around to make this work so the images show in the post on the blog page or the thumbs pop up gallery of them?.

Hi Edward,

If you have been able to see images in your posts on your blog archive, then the theme you were using wasn’t using the the_excerpt(). The excerpt is for text only and will strip out any images or formatted text.

The only alternative I can suggest is that you use the Post module on a page that hasn’t been set to the Post page i.e your blog. Then in the Post module settings, change the Layout Style to Feed and the Content Type from Excerpt to Full-Text. This will then display the entire post with all you images included.




That dose not work to show the thumbs in the gallery see here.

look at the post - An Original Beach Portrait Photographer

It is not showing the gallery thumbs on the blog page you still have to click on the title to go to that page to see the images.
I have it set like you posted.

I need to have the 12 thumbs that are pop up images show in the main blog page. Then i can do this for all my posts.

As we start shooting for this summer i will post 12 images from every session we shoot all year in the blog but they need to show up on the blog main page with all the posts.