How can I make a Clickable Image on beaverbuilder?



I wonder how I can make an clickable image on beaverbuilder. Please give me an instruction.



Hi Sam,
Clickable to do what?
The Photo module, has a link facility ?
Just scroll down to the last setting on the general tab.
Hope I’ve understood?
regards, Dave


Thanks Dave for your reply. Sorry that I was not clear.

What I want to achieve is to expand and collapse texts; i.e. When I click on the photo it will expand the text below, and the second click on the photo will make the text to collapse back.

Any idea?

Kind regards, Sam


What you describe is not something I have seen.
Did you know the caption can be shown when you hover over the photo ?
Checkout the Caption settings under the general tab
HTH, Dave


Hey Dave,

Thanks for jumping in! :slight_smile:


Sorry to say, but we don’t have a module that does that. But like what Dave said above, you can make use of our Photo module instead. This has an option to either show the caption on hover or permanently below the photo. :slight_smile:



Thanks Ben for your reply.


No worries at all, Sam! :slight_smile:

Enjoy BB!


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