How can i make the blog page work on Full Width theme

I can not seem to get a blog page to format right.

If i have a page set to blog page for the theme design the BB will not work.

If i use the page named blog and do not set it is the blog page for the theme i can use BB and ad in one of the BB blog page layouts and that works.

But when you click on any blog post on that page it takes you to a full wide page that is then not formated for anything then.

How can i set up the blog page right to work for both the all the posts and the show single post page?


I am having the same problem with Woo commerce when a product is clicked on it takes you to a wide page with no formatting on it just like the blog post page.

or click here

then it takes you to the page

Hi Edward,

For BB to work on the Blog pages, you have to turn on the Posts option in the Beaver Builder settings. (Settings > Beaver Builder Settings)

Now for the pages:

On each page you create there is a layout selector on the right side of the text editor. Did you choose the Blog Layout for the pages you’re having the problem with?

If you leave it on the default setting, it will display a full-width page without the sidebar. I think this might be your problem.

Let us know if that works.

I seem to have all that working but its not working

see this blog page showing posts

click on any of them and then it is no longer working right on the single post page.

This is not a BB theme this is a custom theme i can not pick Blog Layout on a post page that is not a option on this. It has no page or post default setting to change.
Theme was made with Artisteer so i can create any top header and menu i want very easy. Also have the same problem on another theme i tryed off line to.

Plus same problem with Woo on the other live site i am working on that is a Ultimatum theme so not working on 3 different themes.

Hi Edward,

I see what you mean now.

It looks like this is the way your theme formats the posts. And because they didn’t include a “page with sidebar” option in the theme, you’d have to modify the theme to get it to do what you want.

I think you have three options:

  1. Modify the theme to create a page with sidebar option.
  2. Create pages using Beaver Builder (using a sidebar layout) then point your image urls to those pages.
  3. Use the Beaver Builder theme.

Now I know option 3 doesn’t seem to work for you right now, because you like the look of the theme you have, but I will have a demo video on my blog this weekend that will show you how to modify the Beaver Builder theme without code to get any look you want. I will post details in these forums when that video goes live.

Hope that helps.


Hi thanks
I am not good at Modify a theme by code that is why i use something like BB.

It seems that anyone using BB will have this problem when you have to set the theme to be full wide for BB to work for any full wide settings then it will mess up the blog full page.
This is the same problem when using woo commerce as well.
So BB can not be used with any wordpress theme or used with Woo commerce in any theme unless it is the BB theme it looks like then unless you do a lot more work most people do not know how to do. This is the opposite of how it is being marketed as a plugin in for any wordpress theme. It makes me wonder then how anyone is using it with out this problem then.

I will have to switch the one site i am working on over to a BB theme to get woo to work right then not that big of a deal i hope.

I like the BB themes but with out extra controls in the admin for setting up menus better and more setting for the top header it lacks a lot on what can be done.
I have two sites to finish that BB it stopping me from doing now and more i need to get to next.

To get it working (they didn’t include a “page with sidebar” option in the theme) for BB to work you have to change that to full wide if i leave a side bar area then BB can not work full wide i had tested that first before removing the sidebar area.

Using the BB theme i can not make even the most basic theme design that i have been using for years. I do a lot of locksmith sites i work as a locksmith as well myself.

Here is the live site i was going to replace with a BB version but i can not make a header area or menu like this in BB theme or one like i made in the demo page i posted done with Artisteer.
or this older one
both done with Artisteer

done with page lines

and with Theamfly this one i was going to change over to BB as it has problems.
Think this was also Themafly

This was ultimatum i could do most of this in BB

I look forward to your demo video that will show how to modify the Beaver Builder theme without code to get any look you want.
would love to see many versions of menus some thick ones, A way to add a full image banner up top like in some of my sites and what i have been requested to do on a upcoming site have the top menu background 50% or more transparent over the top of a home page slide show but full color background on all other pages with no slide show up top a standard feature now days you see a lot.

I found that i can set this up in ultimatum to work as i can edit the page layout of any page on its own changing the full look and layout of it. I can use VC that is included with ultimatum but i find BB more easy to work with for most of what i and doing on most sites and it more easy to use the save custom page templates.
Artisteer gives you the best options for designing themes and just about any menu design you can think of and header area if you ever played with it before.
If you could come up with a way to make a Artisteer theme work full wide then the theme designs are endless and easy to make as needed then. I can i guess use it for boxed style designs now but that is what i am moving away from.

Wanted to add the BB themes are missing roll over colors in the Cell view



Everything you’re asking for will be covered in the video on Sunday - especially modifying the header and menus:)


Ok great thanks then that may be all i need to use then the BB themes…!!


I posted that video yesterday. You can watch it here:



Hello, I am going around in ever decreasing circles to solve this problem.
The WP site template is Enigma Pro and I am using BB. All is great, except the blog pages.

The problem occurs with the ‘parent’ blog page and the link individual blog pages

I am trying to remove/edit/replace the widgets that are in the template.
Why - because I can’t edit them. And, because I would prefer different widgets.

I have read some posts and checked or changed settings as necessary, including in settings.

Any help will be very appreciated.


Hi Jennie,

Are you referring to the widgets on your individual posts like this one -

If so, you should be able to add, edit or remove widgets by going to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets.

If you’re still unable to add or remove widgets, you will want to contact your theme author for support. As BB doesn’t include widgets on pages or posts.


Thanks to everyone who responded to my initial request for help.

I worked it out!! I was trying to delete the template wizards on the blog page I was using.
It was easier than that - out of pure frustration, I decided to add some of my preferred widgets in the hope that I could sort them.

Wallah!! the preformated widgets disappeared and my selected one slotted into place.

I have search for many hours looking for a solution; found many users with the same problem. Hope this solves the problem for others as well.


Thanks for the reply Danny. I had guessed as much but just needed a solution because the pages were useless to me. I have posted a reply with my solution.

Thanks for the reply, Jennie

Thanks Jennie for informing us the issue has been resolved. We appreciate it.