How can I organize the Media area into custom folders?

My Media area is fast becoming a mess. I need to organize.

How can I organize it into custom folders?
I know that I can organize it into the month it was downloaded, but that is just not going to work for me. This site is pages, not blogs, so that approach will make no sense.

Can I do it manually on the server? Can I make my own folders have BB access those?

I use this and like it
costs though

I use this plugin - not free though:

Will it work inside BB?

I was looking for that real media library plugin, but can not find it in the Wordpress plugin area for download. I like the idea of folders, though. I am BRAND NEW, however, and wonder if I should download from another site? Is this plug-in and the Code Canyon site considered safe?

Hey Melissa,

Codecanyon is a trusted site for WP themes and plugins.

Sorry to say but I’m not really familiar with any plugins that does this stuff. Feel free to ask this same question over to the BB FB Group or Slack Channel. We’ve a lot more active users there than here. :slight_smile: