How can I remove Archive, Categories, and Meta showing up on all pages?

These widgets are controlled in Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Footer 1. You’ll need to click on each of the widget blocks and select “Remove.” I believe this is a new feature in the latest version of BB.

Those widgets are added by the current active theme and by wordpress, nothing to do with the latest version on BB.

Was there a solution to this? When I go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Footer 1 there is no easy way to “remove” those items. I have the same question and could use assistance also. Thanks.

Looks like I can remove those elements from the footer 1 widget areas by selecting the texts (headers and links) and using the popup menu that appears. However, after removing the ‘content’ inside this footer 1 widget, the widget placeholder block still appears to be on the page. As if there’s a div or something still there. How do I hide the footer 1 widget all together? thx.

Solved the issue finally here:

Change the default theme footer | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base.