How do I add 2 slugs or redirects for the same page?

I am trying to add 2 links to the same page. I want “” and “” to go to the same page. How do I do this?

Thanks, John

You would either need to use a redirect plugin or put a redirect in your htaccess file if your host is old enough to support htaccess

so just to be clear. I am not trying to redirect the website itself. that’s fine. www, no www, all those redirects I do in the webserver. this is several urls for the contact page.

You still need to redirect one url to the other. You can do this with the miriad of WP redirection plugins or by adding a redirect to your htaccess file. Your host should be able to help you with that, isnt the sort of thing a WP theme or page builder plugin would ever need to do.

I am my host. my webserver is here. So what is the best way to do this? I prefer not to have to add a plugin to do every single thing. plugins slow sites down.

You need to add a rewrite rule to your server config, should be easy

for the contact page?

I want to have 2 links for one contact page. I am not redirecting at all.

However you add rewrite rules, I have no idea how as all I know is you are the host, so you should know where to add rewrites, then you redirect one url to the other.

Again, I want to have 2 links for one contact page. I am not redirecting at all.

“I am not trying to redirect.”

You cannot have two WP slugs for the same page, you need one real page then redirect the other url to it, there is no other way to do it, for a redirect to happen you need to add a redirect.

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