How do I change the grey background color in Scroller?

Here is a screenshot of what I am seeing. Wondering how to change the grey background to white. Row settings only gets me the center section, not the whole row.


Ah, dang! It was the body background color. I thought I had checked that! Grrr.

Ok, I guess that means that I cannot have different colors for these rows since they inherit the body background color for the sides.

If so, I would love to request an update to be able to color the full rows independently from each other.


Hi Bodie,
you can extend the row to the full width of the page and still have your content at a fixed max width. Just click on a row wrench icon and set Width: Full width, Content Width: Fixed.
This allows you to have any kind of background, color, video, images, etc at full page width.


Nice! Thank you, Alessandro, I totally missed that option. Exactly what I wanted.

This is the world’s greatest plugin.