How do I create a stacked box look in beaver builder

Hi there! I am trying to figure out the best way to achieve a look similar to this hero section:

I am just not sure where to start to create this in beaver builder. I have considered using the HTML block and then just trying to custom code it but wanted to see if there was a faster and easier way using bb. Also, I want my client to easily be able to change out the photos when needed.


You’ll do some combination of “rows” inside of “rows”. I call them columns at that point, but they’re still “rows” in BB. Then assign a class to the row you want to shift for overlap and then add in CSS for “transform: translate” either X or Y. Example: “transform: translateY (-50px);”
You can Google it.
Then remember the principal that whatever is below will show - so if you make a row under a row, you’ll shift the bottom row/column up (translateY: -px)