How do I edit search results page?

I’m pretty sure I’m totally missing something.

In google, I see reference to a search.php template file for Wordpress search results. However, the BB theme doesn’t include this file.

I can probably create it, but I’m not sure where to start.

The current search results are OK. I’d like to add the page title the the results.

I’m using the SearchWP retail plugin.

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Of course, right after posting this, I find this in the Wordpress Codex:

Should I just follow this guide using the page.php in the BB theme?

Hey Derrick,

We don’t have a separate template for the search page, so it’s using the index.php as a template. If you want to create one, you’re gonna want to make a copy of the index.php file instead. Check out the link below for WP’s template hierarchy. :slight_smile: