How do I modify the author template tags?

I’ve been really enjoying your plugin and the accompanying theme, but I’m not yet familiar with the innerworks of the template parts and all that. I’m trying to integrate the Co-Authors plugin, which involves some modification of the template tags:

I’ve copied a class-fl-theme.php file down to the child theme to modify, but editing the $show_author item there isn’t showing anything on site itself after saving. Any ideas?

Hey Micah,

I’m glad to hear you’re liking the plugin and theme! You won’t be able to override the parent theme class and shouldn’t in case we release an update. Instead, you’ll want to override the individual theme files such as content.php or content-single.php. Let me know if you have any questions about that.


Okay, I get that. But looking at content.php and content-single.php, I do not see a place to update the author template tags, as shown in the documentation for Co-Authors:

It appears that the_author information is being pulled in from post_top_meta. Since that’s part of the theme classes that I should not update, how could I implement these custom template tags for Co-Authors?

This is actually my first time working with a Child Theme, so I’m not fully aware of how the whole process works, yet.

Hi Micah,

No problem. Typically themes aren’t setup to have their classes overridden but most of the template files in the main directory should be. You’ll need to remove our post_top_meta method and output your own post meta markup including your coauthor code there. If you’re looking for a starting point on the markup, you could always view the source of a page, copy the generated HTML and then include the necessary PHP.

Another solution would be to copy the post_top_meta method into your functions.php file removing the “static public” part and changing any instance of “self::” to “FLTheme::”.

I hope that helps!


Would be great if we could disable the comment count in the post meta via the Customiser :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work.

BB is my go-to tool these days.

Hey Troy,

It’s good to see you here and I’m glad to hear that BB is your go-to these days :slight_smile:

Regarding the comment count, that does disappear if you disable comments for a post, but you’re right that we have no way to hide it if they are on. I’ve made a note to look into that.