How do the responsive margins and padding work

Hi guys,

I am just wondering what the order of preference is for margins and paddings.

Currently I have margins and padding set to 0 for both rows and margins in the global settings, but I have “Enable Auto Spacing” enabled.

On mobile devices there is no padding or margins on any modules or rows, yet on a per-row and per-module basis I have actually added padding and margins, so they are being set to 0 on mobiles etc.

What defines the value for the “auto spacing feature”?

Hi Grant,

Here’s how Auto Spacing works…

When Auto Spacing is disabled the margins and padding you set in the row, column, or module settings will be the same on mobile and desktop.

When Auto Spacing is enabled we reset the left/right padding for rows and columns and all margins for rows, columns, and modules to the values set in the global settings.

That’s why you are seeing everything at zero on mobile, because you have that set in the global settings. To avoid this, I would disable the auto spacing feature.

Let me know if you have any questions about that.


Hi Justin,

Great, thank you!

Hi Justin,
Is it possible to disable auto spacing on just one page? Auto spacing works great 90% of the time but, on pages with columns having background colors that stack, setting the margin to 0 on mobile devices makes all the colors run into each other. Is there a way to override this behavior?


Unfortunately, I do not believe this is possible. However, please, see my reply to your other topic. My suggestion should work for you.


Thanks, Danny. That other ticket resolved the issue.