How do you show the post tags to a blog post

How do I display a comma-separated list of tags above/under a blog post? Tags and categories don’t come up in the list of connectible fields in the text editor.

Sorry, I can’t find it. I’ve spent the last ten minutes googling around and I feel like I’m missing something so simple and obvious.

No answers? Is this such an exotic use case? :smiley:

Answers are in the KB, for instance with Themer:

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Oh man, thank you. I didn’t get that that’s what the “terms” are. So it was a really dumb question. Thank you! :smiley:

Not a dumb question at all, terms are so changing in WP world.
I think what you call tags in your question are generally called post meta tags indeed, and more precisely here, they are Taxonomy (categories) terms in WordPress terminology.

Glad to help, terms and keywords are precious assets to site builders, and for web users generally. :wink:

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I’ve been buried in legal research and it’s hijacked my brain. So when I read “terms”, my mind just… didn’t make the connection with taxonomy so I never even checked what’s in there :smiley: