How do you use this Theme???--no Theme settings showing

Hey, I am experienced with WP, so the title is not how do I make a website :slight_smile:

I installed and activated both the theme and plugin, but I am at a loss how to use the theme–install some of the ready made skins, etc…have to say that your tutorials are seriously lacking guys, but one I did find (not by you) showed Theme Settings under Appearance, but I have tried on three diff hosting accounts, nothing is showing…is there a problem, perhaps with WP 4.2?


Mike Simmons

There is only your plugin installed on one of the sites, so no conflict there…

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting! The tutorial you found is probably outdated (sorry about that!) since as of the beginning of this year our theme settings are located in the WordPress customizer. Have you had a look there? Let me know.


Hey Justin,

I did look in there briefly :)…just installed your import/export plugin…ok, now how do I install one of the demo layouts in just a couple clicks? Do I import the zip files that came with BB, such as custom-modules docs & examples, and the PSD’s?



PS if I like this, I will have to do a video on how to build a site using BB.

Great! You actually don’t need to install anything additional other than the Beaver Builder theme and plugin.

To get started with a theme preset, go to Appearance > Customize > Presets.

To get started with a content layout, launch the builder on any page a choose a template from the templates popup.

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.


Great, thanks for the quick replies Justin…what are the 3 additional zips for (mentioned above)?

I’ll be back if I get stuck, but I think I get the gist…ok, it’s very intuitive. :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

The module examples and docs are there to help you develop custom modules for Beaver Builder should you decide to. The PSDs are there to help you design Beaver Builder layouts in Photoshop.

Let me know if there is anything else!


I’m also having the same issues:

1/ Appearance > ThemeSettings is not showing, and
2/ It’s not clear how to install one of the Themed landing pages, for example.

Thank you for the quick response:

I understand the following:-

Pages. Select the relevant page.
There are 2 tabs: Text Editor and Page Builder.
Selecting Page Builder brings up the Templates.
Load and edit.

Theme settings has now been made more UI friendly, as it can be set
globally, or customised by page.

Hi Mary Beth,

  1. The theme settings can now be found either by visiting WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customizer or clicking the Customizer link in the WordPress admin bar.

  2. If I understand you correctly, you’re referring to the builder layouts. These are not standalone themes, but page templates that are included in the page builder. To locate these, load up the Page Builder and click the Templates button in the top-right corner.


Upon click, a popup window will appear where you can select one of the landing or content page designs.