How does Contact Form work? Still working (with bug) after switching to Netlify (static site host)

I created a wordpress site with BeaverBuilder, generated a static site, and host the static site on Netlify.

Forms don’t generally work on static sites. You need an extra service to handle forms. Netlify offers such a service so I attempted to set up Netlify’s form service and then test the contact form.

To my surprise, I got an email with the form submission but it didn’t come from Netlify. It seems the Beaver Builder code still worked (albeit with a bug: the “show message” Success Action specified in Beaver Builder was not displayed).

So now I’m trying to achieve either of the following:
(1) get the BB form submission to work properly including the display of the Success Action message OR
(2) get the Netlify form to work ( I realize this is not a Netlify support forum but thought some insight into how BB forms work might help me figure out why Netlify isn’t recognizing the form and collecting data)

Static Site:
Site Code:
Form Code: can be found on lines 856-902 of index.html

Thanks in advance for any insight you might be able to offer!