How Save Home Page?

I wanna save my layouts like home page and content page. How I do?

Hi Marcos,

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Save Template
  3. Give your template a name
  4. Click Save

Now when you click on Templates in the Page Builder, you’ll see your saved template on the Your Templates tab.

Hope that helps.

Ok, But I would like to save in the same home page tab. I need to reuse the edited theme in another site (is multisite).

I found the archieve templates.dat, but I don’t know how edit it…

No problem Marcos.

You can export all your templates via the WordPress Export function:

  1. On your WordPress Admin sidebar, click on Tools > Export
  2. Choose Layout Templates form the options
  3. Save the file to your hard drive.

To import them to your other site:

  1. On your WordPress Admin sidebar, click on Tools > Import
  2. Select WordPress from the list
    (if it asks you to install the WordPress importer plugin - just go ahead and install it)
  3. Activate and Run the importer
  4. Select the file you just exported
  5. Choose a user to assign the imported data to
  6. Check the “Download and import file attachments” box & click on Submit

That’s it. All your Beaver Builder Templates will now be on your new site.


but this way will need to do this for each site. I need do one time and use for all my multisite web.


Sorry Marcos, I’m not aware of a Multisite xml importer. So without some major database work, you will have to import the templates into each site individually.

ok, but I don’t need a Multisite xml importer, i need know how edit templates.dat or recreate it. right?


Please confirm if this is correct…

You have created a custom template and now want to have it available across all the sites on a Multisite installation without manually importing it on each one.

It’s my understanding that the template layouts are saved as custom post types, so I don’t think you can do what you want to do from your Multisite admin.

If it is possible, I’m sure the Beaver Builder support team will be able to explain what you need to do in the morning.

Hi Marcos,

Colin is correct that your templates are saved as custom post types which means they would have to be exported and imported for each site. The templates.dat file contains all of the layout data for the built-in templates and if edited, will be overridden when we release an update.

We’ve heard from a few customers that they would like the ability to replace the built-in templates with their own and are considering adding that feature to our Agency membership at some point in the future. For now, feel free to add this idea to our feature request forum so other users can vote on it as well.


The plugin is fantastic, but this functionality is essential. He loses 50% of its capacity without it.

I prefer to disable automatic updates, and create templates separately. How do I edit the file templates.dat?

Hi Marcos,

The templates.dat file contains sterilized arrays of php objects. Currently, the only way to edit that would be to unserialize the data yourself and modify the objects directly. We have this as a feature request on our list and will be looking into it in the future.