how to activate page builder on my current existing Blog page?

I wish to use BB to edit my Blog Page. When I go to the Blog page, ‘Page Builder’ is greyed out. I click on it and it takes me to the Blog page but here are no PageBuilder options. How do I activate the page builder on my Blog page. I read a short blurb in the forum that was unclear and I still could not get this option turned on on my Blog page. I am running the BB theme on Wordpress. Thank you, Mark.

Hi Mark,
When first installed only Pages are enabled.
To enable Posts, go into Settings >> Page Builder >> Post Types - tick Posts, Save and your done.
HTH, Dave

I already did that. It’s not the posts I want to use it on, it is the BLOG PAGE. I simply need to add the main menu to the top of that page (and maybe others too). How do I enable BB to work on a PAGE? It works on the Home page no problem but it is not enabled to work on the BLOG page. I hope you understand, thanks. Mark

What I do is create a new page, then use some of the Post modules available when editing the page. Then add that to your menu.
Hope I’ve understood?
Cheers, Dave

Hey Dave,

Thanks for jumping in! :slight_smile:


Are you trying to use BB on the page you set as your Posts page under Settings > Reading? If so, BB won’t work there as that page is generated by WP dynamically. You can use our Posts module thought like what Dave said above. You just need to remove that page as your Posts page so you can use BB. Then simply use the Posts module so you get a feed of our Posts. :slight_smile:


Hi, and thanks for the advice to both of you.
I see in the Advanced modules Posts, Posts Carousel and Posts Slider. I assume you mean Posts.
I’ll have to play with it some to understand how that works.

Hi Mark,
They all display posts, just in different ways.
Try them out and see which one works best for any given situation…