How to add a unique favicon for subdomain


I have a client whose site is using the Beaver Builder theme. He has recently added a subdomain page that has a different look than his main site. He would like to add a favicon to that page that is different than the rest of the site.

I’m pretty sure I can do it but I don’t think it can be solved with CSS. Has anybody else done this? If so, how?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Lisa,

When you say a subdomain page is this just a standard .html file added to the subdomain or a separate WordPress install?

Hi Danny,

It is a standard .html file added to the subdomain. The main site has a logo/favicon so I don’t want to do anything that would break that.



If its a static HTML file, then you will need to add it yourself in the HTML. See the article below for more info.


Thanks for the answer!